About Us

Fani Stergiou


She is a graduate of the Department of Physiotherapy, of the European University of Cyprus and has received certification in Biomedical Acupuncture from the Hellenic Physiotherapy Society of Algology of the University of West Attica. She has also attended several Physiotherapy conferences.

She is a Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor by The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and holds a Pilates Reformer certification from the AF-STUDIES Fitness Academy. At the same time, she attended seminars and workshops in therapeutic exercise in Greece and England.

Fani Stergiou is in charge of the operation of Physio New Body, which collaborates directly with the Diagnostic Medical Center of “Kosmoiatriki”.

Evelina Papaioannou


Evelina Papaioannou is a graduate of the Department of Physiotherapy, TEI Athens. She has certified specialization and many years of experience in the treatment of Lymphedema and Edema. Her training took place at the specialized Lymphology Clinic Földi Clinic in Germany, under the auspices of the American School Klose Training.

Then, she attended the cycle of medical training therapy seminars with Prof. Lasse Eric Thue, completing her training in the modern and documented principles of therapeutic exercise.

She has also attended the seminar on the technique of dry needling, of the Hellenic Physiotherapy Society of Algology, acquiring a more thorough therapeutic approach to myoperitoneal dysfunctions.

Her training in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy of the Association of Physiotherapists and Chiropractors of Greece is in progress.